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have you ever tried putting Peeps on your nipples because it might feel good but then forget that theyre there and go outside & then bunnies are attracted to it and get stuck on your nipples & then you go around saying “lol look at my bunny nips” but then it gets old & you tell the bunnies to leave because it isnt funny anymore & then they bite you because they are mad at you and it hurts and they die and then you have inflamed nipples and people make fun of you and you get sad and then you die?

D —> Oh my god
D —> You people and your fascination with putting things on nipples
D —> Leading to a series of events that end in death
D —> Just when I think I have seen the end of these asks, another turns up in time for a human holiday
D —> The beenips will continue to haunt me to the end of my days

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sleepy peep cheep cheeps (source)



In attempts to get Teka to stop chewing at my books, I put on some dance music.

Poor buddy’s confused because it wants to eat book, but HAS to dance



CoMe oN AnD SlAm.

WeLcOmE To tHe jAm.

# I CoUlDn’t rEsIsIt hOw yOu mOtHeRfUcKeRs dOiNg?

D —> I appreciate the warm welcome to the “jam”

D —> I am doing fine

D —> And how are you this evening


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Kanaya leans back into her chair as she sits at her desk. It was just when she decided to get on her husktop that the Trollian icon started to blink. Hmm, what was this about? Clicking it, she sees a message from Terezi. Something about fixing up the scalemates. Very well, she replies, it was not a problem.

Out of curiosity she scrolls down her friend list - a blue username sits at the very bottom. Huh. Wasn’t this… Oh, who was it… Oh, right! Equius Zahhak. She does not remember much about him, but smiles when she clicks the name, nodding to herself as she types out a greeting.

GA: Hello There
GA: It Has Been Some Time

Looking back in that specific log, she can’t seem to find a single message between the two of them. Strange.

Though he had conversed with a few alternates of Kanaya over the web in the last few perigees, Equius hasn’t been expecting contact from any sort of Maryam through Trollian. He hardly ever instant messages anymore, not with as many people as he used to, at least. Even when he did, he barely spoke Kanaya, except when they needed to communicate during the Sgrub session, and not much after when things had somehow gone back to semi-normal.

He wonders if the Kanaya messaging him is that of his own universe. Maybe not. He hasn’t heard from many of his old friends lately. Then again, his Eridan did turn up recently.

CT: D —> Hello
CT: D —> It has been a while, hasn’t it
CT: D —> Appro%imately sweep, at the very least
CT: D —> Assuming you’re the Maryam I think you are


*The clothes were gone forever. Maybe Eridan would be kind enough to leave his cape, even though it wouldn’t really provide sufficient cover. It was in 3 pieces so it could go around his wings. He started taking off his clothes without magic, definitely not wanting to fly home in this chilly weather nude.*

you knoww wwe aint evven kissed yet an wwere already gonna fuckin pail already 
wwhat are you just lookin for a quick lay an nothin else didnt take you as a kind a troll whod just be foolin around like that

*He fluffed up his feathers again, stretching them out and up a little to seem a little bigger. Going up to Equius, he held his wand out and jabbed him in the chest with it.* 

an if thats wwhat youre plannin on doin then i cant fuckin promise i wwont be usin this for destructivve purposes you piece a trash
not that im tryin pressurin you into anythin just dont be leadin me on is all im sayin

*Eridan was a bit sensitive about these kind of things, frequently got the wrong signals from people and ended up all kinds of quadrantbroken.* 

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D -[Hey, bird boy. 'Sup?]->


D —> Not much is up as of right now
D —> I’ve just been pondering sending a message to a miscreant who has been troubling someone I know

D —> How about you
D —> What has you occupied this evening


D -[Believe me, I fuckin’ know ALL ABOUT that…]->

D -[Wha? Who, me? Naaaaaaah….]->
D -[I just wanna… y’know… 100k at it, ‘n’ shit.]->

D —> I’m not sure if I can trust you
D —> That 100king may turn into a%ually doing things with the code


many of you asked where this video had gone. Luckily for you, I have it.

Homestuck Shipping World Cup


For anyone who is interested in participating this summer, trying to get a equius<3tavros team for the shipping world cup going. We need at least 2 more people to be a viable team and sign ups are until May 8th. 

hs-worldcup dreamwidth


What is HSWC?

Apr 9

"Honey, don’t you just love our new neighborhood?"


"Honey, don’t you just love our new neighborhood?"

Apr 1

Um EXCUSE! Many beverage too large for birb?? Would like flavor milk in thimble, maybe not big cup.


Um EXCUSE! Many beverage too large for birb?? Would like flavor milk in thimble, maybe not big cup.

Apr 1



Probably the awesomest clip job ever.. Not my photo

I can’t imagine how long it took to shave that.

shit, that’s gorgeous…




Probably the awesomest clip job ever.. Not my photo

I can’t imagine how long it took to shave that.

shit, that’s gorgeous…


There is a man out there … who rescues owls …

hope in humanity restored.

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*Eridan was serious about the wand play, and he pointed it at Equius, quietly saying evvanesco braca and evvanesco tunica and Equius’s shorts and shirt had vanished, to who knows or cares where.*

oh yes youre definitely keepin those on

*He waved his wand at Equius’s stockings. Equius was definitely something to look at, beautifully sculpted, nearly perfect body. Even the sheen of sweat just made it look like he stepped out of the ocean, so rather attractive in Eridan’s mind.* 

dont wworry eq i aint gonna harm you just use it for a little fun before i swwitch it out

*Upon Eridan’s incantations, Equius feels a bit of a chill on his damp skin. Did his clothing just disappear? He turns his head to look down at his body and, why yes, that looks to be the case. Well, that’s one way to get someone stripped down. He hoped he would be getting that clothing back before Eridan left. He wouldn’t want to make the trip through the halls to his respiteblock nude. And yet, he suspects that he all too likely will end up having to, just so Eridan can spite him.*

D —> I am not too concerned about you using that wand for destructive purposes
D —> You’ve had opportunity to harm me already